Faculty of Communication

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Faculty of Communication

Our mission is to train the individuals who can conduct various research at the university level; who are sensitive to social issues, exploring, questioning; who can adopt professional ethics, values and who gained all aspects of communication processes on the basis of a modern and democratic system of thought.


  • Adherence to the Revolutions and Principles of Atatürk
  • Scientific Freedom
  • Participation and cooperation
  • Reliability and accuracy
  • Transparency and respect for human rights

General Information about the Faculty of Communication
Communication as an academic discipline and professional practice is indispensable in the new era of advanced technologies. Faculty of Communication of the Near East University is at the heart of the theories and practices of Communication and Communication Technology Theories which always lead to further developments of the civilizations.

Faculty of Communication is located too far ahead of its peers as it is the fastest growing, most planned and expanding faculty during the last 10 years, with its 4 departments and five independent study centers.

The main principle of the Faculty organized with a unique approach is to join theoretical reseach and professional practice studies together to the students not as two different perspectives but as a single principle which leads to a very large perspective.

The Faculty of Communication, located in a five-storey building, covering 7000 square metres of closed area, consists of two computer labs, one graphic animation and photgraphic lab, one computer-based News Agency, and with this important infrastructure we bring out the most prominent results of photo lab with computer technologies in order to help our students to improve themselves in their fields.

Near East TV is one of the most important practice and training centers within the body of the Faculty since the students of Radio, Television and Cinema now spend even more time there to develop their skills and theoretical knowledge to be candid professionals. The Near East TV is our unique centre planned for multipurpose facilities with its 200-seat TV studio attached to the main regime with archives. This studio is at the same time a TV broadcasting studio equipped with all devices used for management and directing facilities, and with a professional lighting system.

The opportunities of the Near East FM Radio provide the students in the department with opportunities not only to gain experiences in the field of Radio before graduation but also to know about the broadcast desk, and to know how to carry out the practices of studio in technical matters in order to be a professional.

The students in the Department of Journalism, many of which are starting to make the tasks in newspapers in the early times of their education, take giant steps towards the summit of the profession as they start studying in the Broadcast and News Center with the well-qualified faculty members who have extensive professional and theoritical experience in the field of Newspaper publication.

The students of the Public Relations and Advertising Department make their projects (including mainly social responsibility projects) in accordance with their courses, aiming to integrate their studies with the circumstances of society. This kind of practice facilities are carried out until graduation and the students improve themselves while unraveling the secrets of their profession from the books and from the field of Public Relations and Advertising.

Visual Communication and Design Department is the youngest department in the faculty. This department is the one which combines graphic and visual arts to the power of communication science, and it trains the most able individuals of the sector, mainly needed by advertising agencies and production companies.

The sudents studying in this deparment are to be considered very lucky in two ways. First, they are lucky for they have already chosen Communication as an comprehending and creating discipline. Second, they are luck because they have chosen this university, the Near East University. In our opinion, prefering to study at the Near East University means to be so close to life, knowledge, science, practice, radio, journalism, design, speed and diversity.

Since 1997, we watch our graduates’ rising fast to the top of their profession flatters, and this is the source of our pride.