Summer Training

The students are required to carry out two summer trainings in order to be able to receive BSc. Degree. The first summer training involves observation of various field and construction site applications, where the second training involves gaining experience on engineering office works, such as designing processes and project management operations.

General Issues for CE300 & CE400

  • Each summer practice shall be at least 30 working days.
  • Summer practice can be done while attending the summer school, provided that student takes only one summer course.
  • The days during which the student cariies out his/her summer practice should be between the last day of final exams and the first day of course registration of the following semester. Otherwise, the summer practice of the student will be rejected.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to find an appropriate company for the practice. Summer practice shall be done at an institution employing at least one full-time Civil Engineer.
  • CE300 should be performed at a construction site, where CE400 should be performed at a design office.
  • The student shall submit the following documents for evaluation.
    i-)Summer Practice Report (including Approval Form I and Work Summary Form)
    ii-)Approval Form II (This form is expected to be mailed or hand delivered by the student in a signed and sealed envelope.)
  • Each student is required to give an oral presentation/exam about the summer practice. This presentation will be open to all faculty members and students. If the evaluation of the report is unsatisfactory, it shall be returned to the student for revision and/or rewriting. If the revised report is still unsatisfactory, the student shall be requested to repeat the summer practice.


  • Get the CE300/CE400 instruction documents and summer practice forms from the bookstore.
  • Have your advisor to fill out the “Summer Practice Application Form”.
  • Place photos on “Approval Forms I and II”, and take them to the secretary with “Summer Practice Application Form” filled by your advisor, by the end of the last day for submission of letter grades.
  • During the summer practice, fill the “Work Summary Form” in hand-writing either in English or Turkish. The first page of this form should be signed and sealed and the remaining pages should be initialed by the supervisor at the company.
  • Prepare your “Summer Practice Report” including “Approval Form-I” and “Work Summary Form” and submit it to the Summer Practice Evaluation Committee before the first day of mid-term exam week of the current term. Presentation dates will be announced during the mid-term exams.


  • The report must be in English, prepared with a computer.
  • Main headings shall be centered and written in capital boldface letters. Sub-headings shall be written in small letters and boldface.
  • Main headings & Sub-headings shall be numbered.
  • Use Times New Roman font with 12pt., and line spacing shall be 1.5.
  • The SI (Metric) system shall be used for units.Report shall contain the following sections :
  • Cover page (Near East University, Department of Civil Engineering, CE300 or CE400, Name of Student, Student Number, Name of Company, Date of Submission)
  • Table of contents
  • List of figures and tables
  • Description of the company
    1. Brief history of the company
      Number of employees, engineers, architects, technicians.
      Administrative tree (if available)
      Main functions of the company
  • Introduction
    Give the purpose of the summer practice and general information regarding the work you carried out.
  • Main body of the report
    Describe what you learned and what you observed during the summer practice. Use your own words andDO NOT copy any definitions from any book or from the internet resources. For CE300 (at construction site), explainthe stages involved in the construction including all the materials and techniqes used. For CE400 (at design office), give details of the design procedureand stages you took part during the process. You must provide as much detail as possible (related photos, figures, graphs etc.). Place the figures and tables as close as possible to the referring text. Give a number and title for each figure and table.
  • Conclusions
    Summarize the practice activities and briefly state what you have learned from this practice.
  • Appendices
    “Work Summary Form”and any supplementary materials (schematics, detail drawings, computer programs etc.).