Undergraduate Programme for Civil Engineering

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Definition and Objective

Civil Engineering Department offers a 4-year Bachelor program designed to train engineering students to have a solid back ground in fundamental sciences and essential engineering concepts, reinforced with extensive field applications.

In addition to the fundamental science courses that are offered for all engineering departments, Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program offers specialized courses on 6 main branches of studies: Structural Engineering, Materials of Construction, Geotechnical Engineering, Hydraulics Engineering, Transportation Engineering and Construction Management. With this general knowledge on all main branches of studies, students are encouraged to become professional engineers in one of these main branches of studies in their future career.

The objective of the Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program is mainly establishing an efficient interaction between the academic staff and the students in order to convey the academic knowledge and professional experience to our students, providing them the ability and insight to use the required analytical skills to solve engineering problems by making fast and efficient decisions through good use of resources with an absolute respect to ethics.
The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program also aims to train high-qualified civil engineers whose talents, skills, abilities and knowledge meet the requirements and needs of the state and private institutions, and support development as well as contributing advancements in the civil engineering field, and carry out research facilities to bring new insight into the academic bases of this field

The list of intended learning outcomes of the BSc. program is as the following:

  • Ability to relate and apply fundamental sciences to learning the essential civil engineering concepts and theories of different branches.
  • Ability to understand the derivation of these concepts and theories by relating them to the real-life engineering cases within the related civil engineering branch.
  • Ability to define clearly and analyze the engineering problems by applying the introduced civil engineering concepts and theories of the related branch.
  • Ability to use decision-making skills and perform design calculations correctlyfor the solution of the defined problem/project by applying the introduced theories of the related civil engineering branch.
  • Ability to understand and carry out the practical applications of learned civil engineering concepts and theories on site and/or laboratory.
  • Ability to use software packages for the analysis and/or the design of the defined civil engineering problems/projects.
  • Ability to manage time and resources effectively and efficiently while carrying out civil engineering projects.
  • Ability to participate in team-works in a harmonized manner for the solution of the targeted problem.
  • Ability to write technical reports and/or to carry out presentations on the studied engineering project using the modern techniques and facilities.
  • Ability to carry out and finalize a civil engineering study/project by showing professional ethics.