Mission, Vision and Job Opportunities

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Our Mission
The profession of civil engineering has been a significant and indispensible part of human life since the beginning of human history. The civil engineering academic program comprises training and research on planning, project designing, construction, supervision services and on industrial structure of all types of buildings, dams, airports, bridges, roads, coastal ports, sewerage, water networks etc.

As the Department of Civil Engineering, our main mission is to share our accumulated academic knowledge and professional experiences, to develop students’ analytic thinking skills regarding problems encountered in engineering, to enable students to realise high quality projects through support and guidance provided by the department; while raising individuals who are fully aware and respectful to environmental and ethical values of the society.

Our Vision
Our principle vision is to raise highly competent civil engineers at a graduate level who are fully equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge; who are contemporary engineers that are able to compete within international platforms. Furthermore, through the education offered at postgraduate level and the unique scientific research conducted, our vision is to educate and train individuals who will make positive contributions to social wealth, to science, to the sector and to the humanity as a whole.

Job Opportunities
Our graduates have job opportunities in all branches of civil engineering within governmental institutions and within the private sector; and in any part of the world. Moreover, our graduating students have the opportunity to work in the planning, project designing, construction and supervision services of industrial buildings, dams, airports, bridges, roads, tunnels, sewerage system and constructions alike.