Message From The Head of Department

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Welcome to the Department of Civil Engineering.

Our department is one of the first departments to be established within the Near East University Faculty of Engineering and has the largest student population. Our department has commenced by offering an undergraduate program of civil engineering through language of instruction as English within the academic year of 1992-1993, with only 38 students. Today (2017-2018), we currently have 1287 students from 33 different countries and we offer civil engineering programs both in languages of instruction as English and Turkish. Additionally, we offer 109 graduate and 17 education and research opportunities at postgraduate level.

With our highly competent academic staff, we provide contemporary education opportunities to each student who registers to our department and provide them with continuous counselling services throughout their educational lives. We assure that our students feel at home and support our students through their process of adapting to a new country and to a new environment within the shortest time frame.

We are proud to present education and training at highest possible level. The educational program offered at our department meets all the necessary requirements of this era, and with the available lecture rooms and highly equipped laboratories, we aim to raise students with all skills and knowledge essential to compete within their field of study.

In addition to the above, we are highly honoured to state that our department has the highest number of international students and we believe that this is due to prioritising high quality in the education and training we offer at the department. Furthermore, our undergraduate and postgraduate programs have acquired accreditation from one of the most significant accreditation bodies in Europe, the Accreditation Agency for Degree Programmes in Engineering, Informatics, the Natural Sciences and Mathematics (ASIIN).

Currently we are aiming to get further accreditations from certain world-renown bodies. However, our targets are not limited with these and we are aiming to increase the number of publications made by our academic staff, alongside quality, and continue to organise conferences, workshops and panels on issues such as water, environment, earthquakes, health and tourism so as to raise awareness and seek solutions.

So far, around 3300 students have graduated from our department and picked up on their career lives in different parts of the world in many prestigious institutions and this has become a source of pride and joy for us. In this regard, we are determined to work harder to provide education and training in the field of civil engineering at international standards and act exemplary to all other departments, especially to those who have just initiated to provide educational services.

Finally, I would like to emphasise my strong belief and trust in you (our valuable students) that with the support given by all our academic and administrative staff, you will accomplish all set goals. I wish you all a very successful academic year.


Prof. Dr. Hüseyin GÖKÇEKUŞ
Head of Department of Civil Engineering