Why us?

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Faculties of Arts and Sciences are core elements of basic sciences and are indispensible parts of universities- Basic Sciences, in general terms, refer to natural sciences, language and literature.

Looking at this issue from this perspective, it is possible to reach the conclusion that all universities comprise similar functions; either through “Faculty of Arts and Sciences” or through two separate units as “Faculty of Sciences” and “Faculty of Arts”. However, a cautious observer can instantly realize that this is not the case.

Just as the differences between universities, it is very natural for Faculties of Arts and Sciences to be different from each other.

Comprising the Department of English Language and Literature, Department of Mathematics, Department of Psychology, Department of Turkish Language and Literature and Department of Translation and Interpretation, Near East University- Faculty of Arts and Sciences is unique and it has its own differences, which differentiate it from other faculties of its kind.

If you are considering the Near East University- Faculty of Arts and Sciences then, the following answers could be given to the question of “Why us?” or in other words “Why should you choose us?”

Why us? – Because a university cannot be thought of without Basic Sciences.
Why us? – Because the university has completed its infrastructure and superstructure as required. In addition, it is a faculty of a university which comprises the widest range of disciplines amongst universities in the TRNC.
Why us? – Because Faculty of Arts and Sciences is aware of the necessity to carry out instruction parallel to social applications.
Why us? – Because it aims for small-scale but high-quality education and because it achieves this aim.
Why us? – Because the faculty; is able to satisfy the students’ pursuits and curiosities, has a contemporary world vision and it comprises young, dynamic and experienced academic staff within its body.
Why us? – Because the university can answer the students’ basic needs and expectations by providing aspects related to social, sportive and health needs.
Why us? – Because it promotes the students’ productivity.
Why us? – Because it aims to bring up individuals who are; beneficial to the society, self-confident, respectful and of good use to their environment.
Why us? – Because the faculty achieves brining up individuals who are tolerant to the environment and humanity.
Why us? – Because the Near East University- Faculty of Arts and Sciences follows a policy of respect to ethical rules.