For the Students

Dear Students,
We have completed the Fall Term of the academic year 2011-2012. I am in the hope that the first term has ended pleasantly for you. Please note that, we are having a short break and before we start the second term, spend your time well and get enough rest.

One of my intentions in writing this message is to wish you a pleasant holiday, and the other is to respond to the message written to us by a parent- parent of a student who is studying at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences of another university. The message was addressed to us around three weeks ago. I must say that the message has left an effect on me and there are several reasons why I am touched by this message. First of all, I have become aware that faculties giving training on Arts and Sciences have been miss-interpreted. In fact, I have come to realize that there is a belief which keeps us responsible for issues happening that are completely beyond our initiative. This is why I am going to re-mention statements which most probably you are all aware of.

There is a common belief that graduates of Faculties of Arts and Sciences of TRNC Universities, including the Near East University, are not given “Pedagogical Qualification” as given by the TR Universities. This belief is an outcome of a misunderstanding or an intentional mislead of those wishing to harm the reputation of TRNC Universities. As long as graduates of TRNC universities apply to the appropriate departments for postgraduate study at TR universities and meet the necessary application requirements, there are no obstacles in their way in getting a “Pedagogical Qualification” there.

I would like to give explicit details on what is meant by “meeting the necessary requirements”. They are: meeting at least the minimum requirements put by High Education Board (YÖK) and meeting the requirements of the university to which the application is made – this may differ from university to university.

As a matter of fact, there are many graduates of Department of Turkish Language and Literature – Faculty of Arts and Sciences – Near East University, who have completed/or are still continuing their “Pedagogical Qualification Requirements” either at state universities or at private foundation universities.

Those who have completed their pedagogical qualification requirements, have the right to be appointed as teachers, as well as having the right to start as provisory teachers, and later on complete their necessary requirements for pedagogical qualification and take the KPSS exam. In fact, those who achieve higher than 75 from KPSS can be appointed as teachers and given the chance to complete their pedagogical qualification requirements subsequently.

Another misunderstanding is the belief that TR state and/or foundation universities give priority to their own students to complete their requirements of pedagogical qualifications. Besides, not having any solid proof about this matter, I do not think that YÖK would tolerate such an application.

I also would like to give you some information on applications of Higher Education Board (YÖK). According to the decision taken at the General Meeting of Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK) on 22.09.2011, parallel to the needs pointed out by the Ministry of National Education of Turkey: 20% of the quota of the Pedagogical Qualification Programs are to be carried out at the departments of Guidance Teacher, Pre-school Teacher, Class Teacher, English Teacher, Religion and Moral Education Teacher, Technology and Design Teacher, Turkish Language and Literature Teacher, Music Teacher, Maths Teacher and Class Teacher for Children with Mental Disabilities.

As can be seen from the information above, the Department of Turkish language and Literature and Department of Mathematics of our Faculty is existing in the list provided by the TR Ministry of National education. The need for the graduates of these departments is expected to increase at a very near future.

Certificate of English teaching given by the Department of English Language and Literature, Faculty of Arts and Sciences is valid according to the New Pedagogical Qualification Clause in Appointment Guide since June 2011. (Refer to the attachment below.) People who have achieved this certificate are able to be appointed as teachers to positions in TR schools, which are under the inspection and governance of Ministry of National Education.

Moving on from the example given above, we aim to put forward effort to fulfil the necessary requirements to be able to give pedagogical qualification at all the departments of our Faculty of Arts and Sciences, in the shortest period of time.

Graduates of the Department of Psychology have the opportunity to continue their postgraduate studies at our University or at an appropriate institution within Turkey. Our previous graduates have completed their postgraduate studies in the oldest and inveterate universities in Turkey before and are still continuing to do so.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. İlkay SALİHOĞLU
Dean of Faculty of Arts and Sciences, NEU

The New Pedagogical Qualification Clause in Appointment Guide, June 2011:

Pedagogical Qualification: It is a document prepared by the Ministry of National Education in collaboration with Higher Education Board (YÖK) in the teaching field of domestic universities.

Excluding the “English Teaching Certificate” given by the Near East University, documents given by universities of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and by universities abroad are not accepted until equivalence has been approved by the Presidency of Higher Education Board.

The documents required at acceptance are:

a) A document of completion of “Non- Thesis MA programme of Field Teaching in Secondary Education”,

b) A document of 21 credited “pedagogical qualification” (18 and above credited documents will be accepted of academic year of 1993-1994 and the academic years before),

c) 33 Credited “Certificate of Class Teaching in Primary Education”,

d) For the graduates of provenance programmes of English Teachers: “Certificate of English Teaching” (including the one given by the Near East University),

e) A document of “pedagogical qualification” acquired before becoming a graduate and obtained during studying at Vocational Schools.

Excluding the class teaching with “Certificate of Class Teaching”, all of the above are valid in applications to all areas of field teaching.

Those who have not been awarded with their Pedagogical Qualification Certificate even though they have passed the related examinations are able to make applications by using the official letters stating that they are subject to obtain certificates from the related universities.

Individuals who are at this position can write the date and number of the official letter onto the pedagogical qualification part of the electronic application form.

Graduates of Faculty of Education, those working in official education establishments and whose provisional teaching period has been removed and those who have been working in universities (excluding foundation and private universities) for at least two years as a senior lecturer, lecturer, instructor, specialist or a research assistant are not required to bring the documents mentioned above.

As can be seen; The clause of “Pedagogical Qualification courses and certificates given from the beginning of the academic year 2009-2010 and onwards at Faculties of Arts and Sciences of Atatürk, İstanbul and Uludağ Universities are not valid” has been removed. Thus an application which led to an injustice has been ended.