Molecular Biology and Genetics

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About the Department:
The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics was established by Prof. Dr Serakıncı in 2014. Molecular Biology and Genetics is a rapidly growing field in biological sciences and is a multidisciplinary area combining biochemistry, cell biology and genetics.

The completion of the Human Genome Project in 2003 and the rapid development of health, medical and biological sciences have provided significant development in different disciplines. These new developments in biotechnology, genetic engineering and molecular biology form the basis of a great enhancement in health, environmental and agricultural sciences.

Aims and Objectives:
The Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics at Near East University aims not only to teach the fundamentals of genetics and genomics but also to teach the clinical applications of this fast growing field. Unlike the Molecular Biology and Genetics Departments at other universities, this department aims to concentrate on human genetics and biology with an emphasis on genetic mechanisms and molecular bases of diseases.

With the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department, we aim to provide our students the ability to perform research in universities worldwide. Our students will graduate with research experience and a solid background in genetics, cancer genetics, neurogenetics, monogenic complex diseases, stem cell biology, genetic engineering and reproductive biology.

The students with the degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Near East University will have the capability to work and perform research in the top universities and clinics. Our goal is to get recognition worldwide with the success of the Molecular Biology and Genetics Department at Near East University.

Molecular Biology and Genetics