Department of Translation and Interpretation

Also available in: Türkçe

Aims and Objectives
The aim of Department of Translation and Interpretation is improving the language awareness and competence of students in English and Turkish languages; making them proficient and competent by teaching them theories and techniques in translation and interpretation; ensuring that they are deeply knowledgeable about cultures and structures of both languages, as well as bringing them in experience in practical terms; and, on the one hand, developing their knowledge and translation skills in literature, economy, law, social sciences, international relations, physical sciences and medicine, technical issues, media-communication, and other daily issues, and on the other hand, providing them with basic knowledge and skills about theories and techniques of translation, and of simultaneous translation techniques for conferences. It is also aimed to train students in another foreign language so that they can carry out translation in at least one more language other than English.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department will gain the title of language interpreter and translator. Job opportunities and employment fields for interpreters are extremely wide. Graduates of this department can be employed as translators and interpreters, literary interpreters, conference interpreters, national and international congress interpreters, English teachers, interpreters for international companies, media and press interpreters, public relations interpreters, or can be employed in advertisement areas, tourism, and diplomatic issues. Private and official-state sectors employ interpreters, too. Interpreters are usually employed by Ministry of External Relations, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, state and private schools under the authority of Ministry of Education, language teaching institutions, the relevant departments of universities, State Planning Organization, Under-secretariat of National Treasury and Foreign Trade, National Assembly of Turkey, foreign representative offices requiring diplomatic interpretation, private international companies, banks, TRT and private televisions companies, press houses, private translation and interpretation agencies, national and international news agencies, organizations of congress and conferences, tourism sector, as well as working as editors of press houses, and in fields that are related to European Union issues.

Besides, students graduating from the Department of Translation and Interpretation can make progress as academicians in departments of English Language and Literature, Translation and Interpretation, and American Culture and Literature.