Department of Translation and Interpretation

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Mission and Vision
The Department of Translation and Interpretation seeks to raise professionals who are knowledgeable, eager to research and learn, multicultural, interested in current issues and cultural relations, aware of the expectations and conditions of the market, and who could utilize their knowledge and experience in translation and interpretation through scientific methods. Our mission is to prepare translators and interpreters acquainted with the necessary knowledge and skills required by the profession of translation and interpretation both in theory and practice.

Our department aspires to become the most prominent national, educational institution in the field of translation and interpretation, and to provide better employment opportunities for our graduates in both domestic and local language industries.

The aim behind the establishment of the Department of Translation and Interpretation is to educate qualified translators and interpreters who could translate and interpret from/to English/Turkish and in various areas such as medicine, social sciences, international relations, law, economics and literature within a scientific framework.

Our specific objectives include:

  1. ensuring that students are deeply knowledgeable in cultures and structures of both languages, as well as provided with the required experience
  2. providing them with basic knowledge and skills about theories and techniques of translation and interpretation.
Department of Translation and Interpretation