Department of Psychology

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Aims and Objectives
Graduates of Department of Psychology can be employed in hospitals, educational institutions, penitentiaries, industrial institutions, public advice centres, and in other institutions offering services related to psychological issues. It is well known that in the world of today, the sub-branches of psychology discipline offers service to all parts of social life. Psychotherapy, test applications and administrations, research consultancy, selection of personnel, communication development within businesses, development of measurement tools in education and alike are all included within the services provided by psychologists.

Employment Opportunities

  • Health organizations
  • Research centres
  • dvertising and public relations institutions
  • Training departments of banks and other institutions
  • Research and development departments of private sectors
  • Psychological assistance centres
  • Child care institutions
  • Prisons
  • Nursing homes and penitentiaries
  • Various departments in accordance with their specialist qualifications and requirements of institutions.
Department of Psychology