Department of Mathematics

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Aims and Objectives
Maths is not only a means of calculation process by using numbers skillfully or using the right formula for mathematical calculations and operations. Although the advanced calculators or computer programs can process calculations within moments, and offer many benefits, this should not be exaggerated, and what is most important, such a procedure does not, in fact, mean Mathematics. If only the persons who aim to study at the Department of Mathematics realize this fact, they then can focus on the objective for becoming a good mathematician. In fact, maths refers to many things. Maths refers to observation, analysis, explanation and, what is more, it basicly refers to critical thinking. At the same time, maths is a process of discovering facts. Well then, how can you be sure about the accuracy of a finding in maths, especially when you believe in that you have discovered something new? The only way to understand this is proving it through solid evidences. Moreover, there is a necessity to convince others about the findings as well.

In this respect, the main objective of the Department of Mathematics is to assist the candidates, who aim to become mathematicians, in the process of understanding the very essence of maths.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of Department of Mathematics can make further progress in this field by carrying out MA and PhD studies, and have an academic career in the country and in overseas countries. They also have opportunities to carry out postgraduate studies in other fields such as business relations, economy, trading, banking, accountancy, Computer Engineering and computer programming, and alike.

As training in Mathematics brings the graduates in the basic knowledge and skills necessary in the computing field, graduates can find recruitment opportunities in private and state sectors where computing skills and knowledge are essentially required. In today’s world mathematicians are much needed in fields of information technologies, business-trading, social and basic sciences. Graduates can also be employed as math teachers in private and state schools in accordance with the terms and conditions specified by the Ministry of Education.

Departmental Facilities
In our department, along with the fully equipped classrooms, there are laboratories where computer, physics and statistics courses are studied in practical terms.

Department of Mathematics