Department of English Language and Literature

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Teaching Period: 4 years

Mission and Vision
The mission of the Department of English Language and Literature (DELL) is to develop the reading and writing skills, the interpretive ability, and the cultural awareness of its students by maintaining and enhancing a tradition of strong teaching and vigorous support of creative literary activity.

The Department of English Language and Literature seeks to foster the intellectual development of its majors by encouraging study of literature. The Department’s long term goals are to provide students with a sound knowledge of a range of English literary works from Shakespeare to the present and to relate these works to their relevant contexts – literary, historical, social and intellectual. As the Department of English Language and Literature, we aim that our students will gain a developing understanding of the ability of literature and language to awaken and challenge people to struggle with profound questions of human identity and values, and have a personal critical perspective and sense of intellectual independence. Our department seeks to inculcate general skills in the analysis of literature, including an ability to read closely and to recognise and apply approaches in contemporary literary theory, and to enable students to develop the analytical and communication skills needed to present literary critical arguments accurately, both orally and in writing.

Our specific objectives include;

  1. reading closely in a variety of forms, styles, structures, and modes, and articulating the value of close reading in the study of literature.
  2. showing familiarity with major literary works, genres, periods, and critical approaches to English Literature.
  3. writing effectively, and creatively, and adjusting writing style appropriately to the content, the context, and nature of the subject.
  4. developing and carrying out research projects
  5. articulating the relations among culture, history, and texts.
Department of English Language and Literature