Prof. Dr. Ebru CAKICI

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She was born in Istanbul in 1969. She graduated from Kadıköy Anatolian High School in 1987 and started medical education at Istanbul University Istanbul Faculty of Medicine. She had training on psychiatry at Bakırköy State Hospital for Mental and Neurological Diseases and made her thesis on ‘The Relation between Neuropsychological Findings and Clinical Characteristics among Healthy Individuals and Patients Diagnosed Manic Episode’ in 1998. She was given 33. National Psychiatry Congress best research award and Bakırköy State Hospital for Mental and Neurological Diseases 70th Year Special Award for her study named ‘The Relation between MRI and SPECT Findings among Schizophrenic Patients’ in 1997. She made PhD on Forensic Medicine at the Institute of Forensic Sciences of Marmara University and made her thesis on ‘The Effects of Child Abuse on Anger Expression’ in 2002. Her researches and publications are mostly on the subjects of family violence, psychoactive substance use and effects of psychological trauma. She is psychodrama therapist and training therapist on positive psychotherapy and transcultural family therapy. She works at Near East University Psychology Department since 1998. She is married and has two children.