Prof. Dr. Adıgüzel DOSİYEV

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Adıgüzel Dosiyev was born in 1948, in the Lembeli village located at the city Noemberyan of Armenia. He completed his primary and high school education in Lembeli, and high school education in Georgia, Marneuli district with a gold medal. His education followed with an undergraduate degree at the Baku State University, Faculty of Mechanica-Mathematics, Department of Mathematics (1965-1970), Graduate degree (1970) and PhD (1974) at Baku State University, Department of Mathematics. In June 1999 A. Dosiyev presented his thesis titled Approximation of the nonsmooth solution of Laplace’s equation and Block-Grid Method at the N. Muskhelişvili Institute of Computing Mathematics, and was awarded the title of Doctor of Physics and Mathematics (D. Sc).

Dosiyev worked as a research assistant at the Azrbaijan Academy of Sciences Cybernetics Institute between the years 1974-1978, as a Assistant Professor at Baku State University (1978-1982), and as an Associate Professor at the same institute (1982-1994).

Dosiyev worked at the Manchester University, Department of Numerical Analysis, during 04.09.1981-04.08.1982. At the time periods 01.09.1985-01.02.1986, 01.02.1987-01.06.1987, 01.09.1989-01.02.1990 he was working at the Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics as a visiting researcher.

Between the years 1994-2007 he worked at the Department of Mathematics, Eastern Mediterranean Univeristy as an Associate Professor, and as a Professor during 2007-31.07.2015.

Since 01.09.2015, he has been working as a Professor at Near East University. Adıgüzel Dosiyev has about 50 international articles and has attended about 10 conferences.