Dr. Zafer ÜNAL

Zafer Ünal was born in Germany in 1974. First four year of primary school, he attended to the İzmir Büyük Çiğli İlkokulu and completed in the Ankara Nuh Eski Yapan İlkokulu. He went to the Bursa Süleyman Çelebi Lisesi for both secondary and high school education. In 1994 Zafer Ünal registered to the Ankara University Department of Mathematics. He graduated from Ankara University Department of Mathematics with BSc. Degree in 1998. He continued his master degree at the same university and graduated in 2001. Zafer Ünal studied about Group Representation of Reflection Groups H3, H4 and I2(p) (p=5 or p7) during his master degree. In 2001 Zafer Ünal started his PhD. degree and studied on Kinematics with Algebraic Methods in Lorentzian Spaces. In 2007 he awarded with PhD. degree.

Zafer Ünal worked for Mathematics Department between 1998-2006 as a full time research assistant. One year he served as a part time lecturer in Gazi University which also located in Ankara. He thaught basic mathematics for technical school students at Gazi University. After 2007 he became a full time member of Near East University Department of Mathematics. He is married with two children.