He was born on 24th March 1969 in Nicosia. After graduating from Turkish Lyceum of Nicosia in 1985, he finished the Department of International Relations in Economy Faculty in Istanbul University in 1990. He continued his study in the Institute of Social Sciences Department of the same university . He did his masters degree (1990-1993) His thesis was called Historical Development of Cyprus Socio-Economic Structure. He also did his PhD in the same Institute (1998-2003). His PhD thesis was titled “Church, Knight and Monastic Movement: An Historical Meeting, The Formation of Religious Military Orders”. He finished Media and Communication Department in Anatolia University in 2014. He became a lecturer at International Relation Department in 2003 as well as working as a lecturer in of History Teaching Department and Performing Arts Department in Near East University. There are among the lessons “The Socio-Economic Formation of Western Societies”, “Contemporary Political Ideologies” and “Contemporary Theories of State”, “The Ancient History and Civilization”, “The History of Civilization”, “The History of Byzantine“, “The History of Anatolian Civilizations” and “An Introduction to Mythology”. He has various national and international publications on the social, economical and political history. His main academic workspaces are political history, political anthropology and political communication.