Assist. Prof. Dr. İrem ERDEM ATAK

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I am İrem Erdem Atak. I was born in İstanbul.

I went to elementary school in Aksaray named as Oruçgazi Elementary School. I finished high school at Akasya College.

At the time of university, I started to study Psychology at Boğaziçi University at 1993. I also finished double major program with International Relations and Political Science. I finished two departments at the same time; then I started Clinical Psychology undergraduate program at İstanbul University in 1999. I worked first as a trainee than as a volunteer psychologist in İstanbul University Medical Faculty Child Psychiatry Department. Since I could not get the post there, I gave up working voluntarily and with my graduate study, I started to work in various hospitals since I had great interest on psychopathology and adult psychology. Balıklı Rum Hospital had been a very significant place which pushed me forwrad.

I wished to continue and by 2003 I could manage to begin PhD program on Clinical Psychology at İstanbul University. After working on depression on my graduate thesis, I started to work on infertility. At the end of doctorate program started to give clinical psychology courses at Okan University Psychology Department and I still continue teaching there.

By 2003 we established Turkish Society of Rorschach and Projective Tests. We are still working very intensely on our society’s activities and especially I give training courses of the Fairy Tale Test.

Since October 2010 I am working as an assistant professor at Near East University Department of Psychology. Besides my academic life, I continue working as a clinical psychologist at a private psychotherapy center.