Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ülgen OKYAYUZ

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

She was born in Vize (Kırklareli) in 1942. She graduated from Mersin High School. She got her BA degree in Philosophy/Psychology in Faculty of Letters (DTCF) of Ankara University. She studied in Institute of Social Sciences in Hague, Netherland for one year. She got her MA as well as PhD. degree in Ankara University. She began to work in Research Institute of The Ministry of Development and Housing in 1969 and transferred to the Psychiatry Department of Faculty of Medicine of Ankara University in 1978. She got her Associate Professor degree in 1992 in Ankara University. When she was working as a staff member in Psychiatry Department, she also gave lectures in different department of different universities such as METU, Hacettepe University and other faculties of Ankara University.

She is particularly interested in group psychotherapies and psycho-oncology field of Health Psychology.
She is also one of the first psychodramatists in Turkey.

She is the editor and also one of the authors of Health Psychology book which is the first published one in this field in Turkey.