Assist. Prof. Dr. Abdulrahman Mousa OTHMAN

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Abdulrahman Mousa Othman was born in Erbil-Iraq on 1st July, 1946. Both of his parents come from the well known familes of the city Erbil, the oldest known city in the world that is continuously inhabited.

His father known as Haj Mousa Haj Othman was well respected in the city for his religious activities and his love for helping people in need particularly those who lived in villages around the city. His mother Badiaa Muhammed Amin Dogramaci is a house wife she has wonderfully brought up five children. Abdulrahman went to primary and secondary school in Erbil. He went to study Mathematics at University of Mosul and graduated in 1969. He started teaching Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry in two different schools in Erbil. In 1974 he was selected among other teachers to go to Algeria for teaching Mathematics in Arabic Because of lack of Arabic speaking teachers in Algeria at that time.

He was back to Erbil for a year in 1978 and left to Scotland in 1979 for his post graduate studies at Dundee University. He completed his: diploma in Statistics and computer Science 1n 1980, M.Sc. in Numerical Analysis and programming in 1982 and his Ph.D in application of Numerical Analysıs to Engineering problems 1986. He worked at University of Sheffield in the Department of Mechanical Engineering between 1986 and 1995. His work there produced 13 Journal papers relating to engineering and Finite Element Method. Between 1996 and 2005 he worked in United Arab Emirates teaching at UAE University and Air Force College. He came and settled in Cyprus during the summer of 2005.

He joined the Near East University in 2008, his teaching duties includes: Statistics I, Statistics II, Numerical Analysis I, Numerical Analysis II, Lınear Algebra I and Linear Algebra II. Dr Abdulrahman is married to Dr. Murude Celikag and they have two Boys; Dilan 1994 and Diyar 1999. He enjoys: spending time with his family, playing badminton and walking. He also likes following current affair news.