Department of Interior Architecture

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Teaching period: 4 years

Aims and Objectives
In our modern age “subject specialization” is a reality. The concept of architecture, throughout its entire history, has been integrated to science of engineering and to art of design and decoration, and most of the time the design of architecture has been uniquely formed by the specialists by combining all those features into one body. As we are going through an age of pure science, specialization is considered to be more important than everything in approaches established on scientific grounds. In accordance with these developments of our modern age, interior design has taken its place as one of the professions requiring specialization. This subject has gone through its own evolutionary process and established its own modern concepts today. The Department of Interior Design of NEU was established in 2003 and since then it has been creating its own unique style in this subject.
Considering all those features, the aim of department is training people who can integrate aesthetics and conformity with design to create unique samples of art of interior design in accordance with the needs of people whose demands and pleasures vary at different levels.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of interior design have employment opportunities at various institutions and state and private sectors such as municipalities, companies focusing on industrial designs, private design studios, furniture design and production companies, or can run their own business.

Departmental Facilities
The departmental program is supported with several facilities through which the students can experience theoretical and practical aspects of interior design. In the first two years students study theories and basics of interior design and in the last two years, students are mostly trained in workshops. There is one teaching staff for per 5-7 students, and this rate is much beyond the international standards, and each student’s progress is given special attention throughout the entire learning and practicing period. This significantly improves the quality and achievement level of our students.

Prof. Dr. Zeynep ONUR
Chairperson of Department of Interior Architecture