Intr. Arch. M.A. Ayşegül Yurtyapan SALIMI

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Ayşegül Yurtyapan Salimi is a M.A Interior Architect and environmental designer. Born in Ankara Turkey 1984. She completed her primary education in Denmark afterwards in 1997 she started highschool in Ankara Atatürk Lisesi. In 2006 she got her bachelor degree from Bilkent University, Faculty of Interior Architecture and environmental Design/Ankara Turkey. She continued to work professionally in Ankara as a freelance interior architect, developing projects working for various architecture offices and the projects construction site applications. She also has finished projects in Istanbul and Izmir.

At 2010 she moved to Cyprus and started her master degree (M.A.) in Interior Architecture at Near East University. While continuing her master education with a scholarship she also worked at the Near East University as an asistant instructor. She finished her master degree in 2013 about, the historical background of interior architecture and design, and the effects of Bauhaus seen in present times.

As an instructor she mainly attends first grades and works with Design elements, Color, Texture and Space perception with Basic design classes and works also attends Interior Studio Classes and detay classes. Her academic interest fields are; History of Architecture especially 1930-2000 Europe and also Early Turkish Republic Architecture History, Basic Design and Space Perception and also Using light and water elements in design. Apart from her oral presentations at national conferences and Congresses she also has published articles. Currently she is still a full-time instructor in interior design and working on her Ph.D. academic career.
She is married and has a child.