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In 4th of August in 1973, he was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. His father was a teacher, his mother a house wife. He cmpleted primary school in Nicosia. He graduated from College in 1991, the Turkish Ministry of Education. In 1995, after graduating from the Faculty of Architecture, Yildiz Technical University, in Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1998, completed his master’s degree. Return to Cyprus, after completing military service, in 2000 he began service in the Near East University as a lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture. He began to PhD training program in 2006.

While the graduate education, during the “Habitat in Istanbul”, the “United Nations Center of Human Settlements,” due to “Modular Housing Units and Modular Housing” project and the application, he was a single Turkish architect who worked with the architects of the foreign countries . Many government buildings, the State Agency was commissioned as an expert witness. Some of the projects he made, in Germany “International Exhibition of Architectural Projects” to be published in the exhibition and was awarded the German Architecture and Training magazine Wettbewerbe’de. Many papers at various national and international, and has also published articles Scient Citation Index.

TRNC Provident Fund Management Board under the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Membership, TRNC Tennis Federation under the Ministry of Youth and Sports has been a member of the Board of Directors.

Tuğşad TÜLBENTÇİ married and the father of 1 child.