Assist. Prof. Dr. Enis Faik ARCAN

Also available in: Türkçe

He was born in 25 January 1951. He graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in 1975 and completed his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Architecture in Mimar Sinan University in 1983, He served as a lecturer in Building Science Department in the Faculty of Architecture in Yildiz Technical University until 2003. Between 2003 – 2006, he worked at the Faculty of Architecture of the Haliç University. During these periods, he published in various national and international journals, particularly on “the planning of health- care buildings “, and “architectural education” subjects. He has a book with name ”Approach to Architectural Design, Building Information Studies”(with Fikret Evci) which is a well known book in the field of architecture. Since his graduation, participated in several architectural competitions about “Health – Care Buildings” and has won numerous awards over the range. He has carried out many application projects in this area successfully and also worked as a consultant in various organizations.

He has fluent English and is currently serving in the Near East University, Faculty of Architecture He is married and has one child.