Assist. Prof. Dr. Enis Faik ARCAN

Also available in: Türkçe, العربية

He was born in 25 January 1951. He graduated from Architect Sinan University in 1975, He start to worked as a Research Assistant at the same university and completed his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Architecture in Mimar Sinan University in 1983. He served as a lecturer in Building Science Department in the Faculty of Architecture in Yildiz Technical University until 2003. Between 2003-2006, he worked at the Faculty of Architecture of the Haliç University. During these periods, he published in various national and international journals, particularly on “the planning of health-care buildings”, and “architectural education” subjects. He has a book with name “Approach to Architectural Design, Building Design Information Studies” (with Fikret Evci) which is a well known book in the field of architecture. Since his graduation, participated in several architectural competitions about “Health-Care Buildings” and has won numerous awards over the range. He has carried out many application projects in this area successfully and also worked as a consultant in various organizations.

He has fluent English and currently serving in the Near East University, Faculty of Architecture. He is married and has one child.