Assist. Prof. Dr. Buket ASİLSOY

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Buket Asilsoy was born in the year 1977 in Cyprus. She graduated from Famagusta College in the year 1994. Later she graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Forestry, Department of Landscape Architecture. She had an MSc degree of ‘Landscape Planning’ from Istanbul Technical University Faculty of Architecture Department of Urban and Regional Planning. She worked at various companies both in Istanbul and Cyprus since the year 1999. She has completed her PhD degree in 2015 at Eastern Mediterranean University Faculty of Architecture Department of Architecture with a thesis titled ‘Measuring the Potential for Ecological Citizenship among Famagusta Residents’. Buket Asilsoy is a lecturer at Near East University Faculty of Architecture Department of Landscape Architecture since 2010-2011 spring terms. She was appointed as Assistant Professor at the same department on March 2016. She is giving lectures about landscape design (residential gardens, public green spaces, mass housing sites etc.), history of landscape architecture, urban landscape planning and history of urban planning. Buket Asilsoy has international and national academic works such as published articles and conference presentations. She is Assistant Editor of the journal ‘Near Architecture’. Additionally she is the head of the Chamber of Turkish Cypriot Landscape Architects for the periods 2014-2016 and 2016-2018.