Land. Arch. B.A. Selin LALECİ

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She was born in 30 march 1991. She completed her primary and secondary education in Mustafa Reşit Paşa. In 2009 she completed her degree at Şemikler Highschool. Then she carried out her academic degree at Celal Bayar University Department of Landscape and Ornament Plants. In 2011 with her exam results she has qualified to enter Near East University Department of Landscape Architecture 4 years degree program. In 2014 she graduated from NEU Landscape Architecture. Same year she started as a Research Assistant within the same department. She continued her masters at Department of Architecture. Selin presented her thesis entitled “Historical Courtyard Houses in Old Nicosia” on December 29, 2017 and she is trying to complete the Master’s Degree in 2017-2018 Fall semesters. She is attending these lectures at Department of Landscape Architecture: Design, Pattern, Technical Drawing, Landsape Construction, Autocad and History of Landscape Arhitecture. She has published 2 SCI Expanded Category journal article, 1 Internationally Peer Revieved journal article. She also presented 1 International Symposium poster, 1 National Symposium Poster.