Arch. M.A. Hasan ALTAN

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Hasan Altan received a secondary education in 20th July Science High School in Nicosia and graduated as an architect from the Near East University Faculty of Architecture in 2004. He studied interior architecture at Wolverhampton University Fine Arts Department and earned her the title ‘Interior Architect’. – Completed his master’s degree in 2007 with his thesis titled “The Architectural History of the 20th Century Architecture Transition and Development Process,” for the architects of today and participated in the graduate project exhibition within the university.

From 2007 to 2011, the Department of Architecture and Building Air Conditioning at Nottingham Trent University continued his doctoral studies with the distance education system on ” Sustainability of hotel design within the context of Green Sustainable Design”. During the same period, he worked as a senior lecturer at the Girne American University, Interior Architecture faculty.

Since 2011-2018 academic year, he has been working as a lecturer at the Department of Interior Architecture at the Near East University Faculty of Architecture. He teaches design studio and interior architecture theories and conservation, history and theory courses in interior architecture.

Altan, who is in various researches about Nicosia Great Khan, published an international journal titled ‘Great Khan From Historical Period To Todays And Space Facility In The Context Of Socio-Cultural Sustainability In Adaptive Re-Use’. In the 5th International Interior Architecture Symposium, the title of ‘The Place of Traditional Cyprus Motifs Within Contemporary Interior Ornamentation: New and Anew’ paper was presented and published in Istanbul Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University. He is interested in ‘Interior and Ornamentation Theories’ and continues its education on this subject.

In addition to his teaching role, he is actively engaged in professional architecture and interior architecture. Since the graduation of many types of projects such as housing, hotels, museums, public buildings, hospitals, memorials and so on, he has gained professional experience by designing. The European Union participated in the relay work of the Lambusa Monastery, which prepared the relay-restoration projects of Panagia Church (Demirhan) and Agios Nikolaos Church (Plateau) in the context of the United Nations supported cultural heritage preservation project. By transferring their professional experience to their teaching career, they share their current, constructive, creative and practical solution proposals with their students at the academy.