Arch. B.A. Osman GÖZTAŞI

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Osman Göztaşı was born in Baf in 1973. He is the eldest child of his family and has three other siblings. After the events of 1974 with his family, he moved to Camlibel, which is a district of Kyrenia, and he still accommodates there.

He went to Çamlıbel Aysun İlkokulu to get his primary education then to Bayraktar Koleji for secondary education. In 1988, he started to Haydar Pasa Meslek Lisesi in high school and graduated in 1991. Following that, he went to Near East University to study architecture and after four years academic life full of projects and presentations, he graduated in 1997.

As soon as his academic life finished, he begun to build his career. He started to work in Akdeniz Construction ltd. Co. However, after his three years of successful performance , he had to leave his job because of his military duties in 2000. As he was serving his duties, he took part in many architectural projects.

After that he started to work as a first degree architect and construction site supervisor in Spyropoulos Developers Ltd, Larnaka. During his tenure, he took part in the planning and construction of over 100 housing projects as first degree architect and contraction site supervisor. There, he kept up to date with the developments and news in the construction world and used latest techniques and researches to improve his work. In 2006, he decided to detach from the company and carry on with his career which was stronger due to the experiences he had during his work there.

Between the years 2007 and 2011, he continued his career as self-employed. The most significant examples of his work during this period of time are two student campuses, one of them in Girne American university (Soli Ogrenci Yurdu) and the other is in area of Orta Dogu Teknik Universitesi, the plastic pipe factory in sanayi bolgesi (industrial area) of Nicosia, Italiano Mobilya Dünyasi the shop, and many buildings and houses.

In 2011, he decided to add to his occupational life another branch, teaching, which was always his dream. He teaches in Near East University, to student who are studying architecture, and he also starts his PHD education the as well. Now, he successfully proceeds in both teaching and architecture.