Our Faculty

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Our Mission
Armed with competent administration and faculty members, Ataturk Faculty of Education has made it its priority to educate teachers who are fully equipped with professional content knowledge and content knowledge that responds to the requirement of the society.

In order to achieve this goal, our basic mission is to educate teachers who are competent in content knowledge and professional skills, who are ethically responsible, receptive to national sensitivity, who have adopted universal values with the ability to embrace people from all walks of life, those with good communication skills who are also self- confident, entrepreneurial, participative and dedicated. Furthermore, our mission is to educate teachers who are able to use technology, researchers who can carry out interdisciplinary studies, teachers who use contemporary methods to learn and teach and who have the knowledge and accumulation that can be constructive in every circumstance and situation in order to address the needs of society.

Our Vission
Our institution aims at educating teachers to become professionally competent, competent at teaching in multilingual and multicultural environments, to possess universal thinking, to be appreciative of scientific ethical values, to be updated on and familiar with technological developments, to do research and to posses the power to follow the path of science in order to make changes for the better. It aims to be an educational institution that knows no geographical boundaries and which is responsible for educating teachers who will become world-renowned in their respective fields. Moreover, we aspire to be a research institution and on account of the academic members who produce projects and scientific studies meticulously we both nationally and internationally contribute to and help solve problems arising in the field of education.