Department of Turkish Language Teaching

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  • The courses of this department are conducted in Turkish.

Message of the Chairman
Dear Students,

As the Near East family, we persistently renegarate ourselves. For you, with you… We devote ourselves to provide you, our undergraduate students, with extensive knowledge in your field so that you will be competent teachers and academicians in your field. We are in an ongoing strive to train you as self confident, dynamic, problem solving and contemporary teachers.

Be sure that nothing can make us happier than seeing you make a successful future, in peace and happiness. Now, we’re here for you; for lighting your way and walking towards a brilliant future together.

You will be our core individuals carrying out our vision to future, materializing our dreams and hopes… We, as the Department of Turkish Language Teaching of Faculty of Ataturk, show the maximum effort to train students, equip them with contemporary methods and extensive knowledge in the field of Turkish language teaching. With the great efforts or our academicians, Libraryfacilities, and with scientific and social studies we continuously update ourselves and promote new participants to join in our dynamism.

We are already so busy organizing programs and activities for all the year round. Our students will make sense of meaning of the life at the chirpy atmosphere and will take firm steps forward due to their knowledge and experience.

Dear students, we are here just for you, we are with you…

Aims and Targets
The Department of Turkish Language Teaching aims to train students who possess scientific and technological knowledge and competence for Turkish language education.

Job opportunities
Students graduated from the Department of Turkish Language Teaching have job opportunities at public and private schools of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Republic of Turkey. Besides, our graduates are entitled to teach Turkish language to foreigners and Turkish children living in abroad. According to the decisions taken by the Council of Higher Education (YÖK), students enrolled in the Faculty before 2006 are entitled to have qualification certificate of Social Sciences Teaching.