Department of Technology Design Teaching

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The aims of the Department of Technology Design Teaching;

  1. To provide the development of the essential materials for making more effective instruction and the use of the rapidly evolving information technologies in school.
  2. To bring students in the essential knowledge and abilities about computer, design and animations.
  3. The concept of mobile learning and the use of mobile learning technologies. To raise members in the field of the development of mobile learning content and the evaluation of applications.
  4. To raise members who will be able to use the equipments for the process of any type of Graphic Design that age required
  5. To raise members who will be able to develop methods for the effective and efficient use of educational technology in institutions, prepare instructional software in order to improve the quality of that educational software.
  6. To raise members who are capable of evaluating the written texts on issues and will be needed in the labor market and able to have the qualities on writing texts and advertising which this will lead them to figure out the two-dimensional and three-dimensional products.

The suggested course will follow the processes and developments in the field of Technology and Design. Also this course will carry out the workshops in the field of technology and design by following the developments of international technology.

This course is suggested by Teacher Training Working Group with the need at the Education Faculties regarding to the teachers needed projection studies by the Ministry of National Education with a decision of the General Board at the date of 18.04.2013. Like the any other course involved in the other faculties, the language of the Department of Technology Design Teaching is in Turkish.

The suggested course is in co-operation with the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology which is connected to the Ataturk Education Faculty of the NEU. Professional Teaching Knowledge which is related with the course will be given by the education members of the Department of Educational Sciences.

The proposed course will not weaken the Department of Computer Education and Instructional Technology. On the contrary the co-operation will be provided between the courses. Besides this, the aim of the mentioned courses is different than the aims of the Department of the Computer Education and Instructional Technology.

The quality of the education members in this course increseas the quality of the edutacional program.

The students will have the title of Technology Design Teacher after the graduation.

The students require to get 54 modules in total with 160 credits during 8 terms in order to graduate from this course.