Department of Teaching Art

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The Department of Teaching Art was founded in 2012 as a department of Atatürk Faculty of Education of Near East University. The undergraduate program of the Department of Teaching Art covers: field courses, vocational courses; introduction to educational sciences, teaching practices, and optional courses.

Aims and Goals
Having the support and assistance of our highly qualified teaching staff, candidate teachers are equipped with necessary knowledge, modern approaches, techniques and theories which are all facilitated in the teaching of art. The implementation courses are provided in laboratories and in studios. Applications and developments in the field of teaching art will be closely followed in order to bring up qualified teachers who have internalized the significance of teaching art and teach their students effectively.

Additionally, various activities relative to teaching art will be held throughout the academic year. By this way, students of this department will be encouraged to be actively involved and develop themselves in academic environments.

Mission and Vision

  • To equip students, who are candidate art teachers, with the necessary knowledge on art, creativity and hand skills, which are all facilitated in teaching art effectively,
  • To raise individuals who constantly develop themselves in; art in general, disciplines of art, creativity, practice and visual arts. In addition, to raise individuals who are able to find scientific solutions to issues which emerge in the field of teaching art,
  • To bring up teachers who will be employed as art teachers in secondary education institutions,
  • To raise art teachers; with an ability to organize existing knowledge in the field of teaching art, with an ability to design visual art and put their teaching skills into use effectively,
  • To organize research, exhibitions and projects relative to the field of teaching art,
  • To hold seminars, exhibitions and workshops relative to art and other related art disciplines.