Department of Social Sciences

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  • The courses of this department are conducted in Turkish.

Message of the Vice Chairman
The main purpose of the Department of Social Sciences Teaching is to enable students to gain basic knowledge and skills that social sciences teacher must possess and to train teachers who produce and carry out information in the field of social sciences and produce scientific solutions on education and training problems.

Graduate students can find employment opportunities at the secondary schools in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and elementary schools in Republic of Turkey as a teacher of Social Sciences.

Teacher candidates of the Department of Social Sciences Teaching constantly improve themselves, possess sense of responsibility, ability of creative and critical thinking as well as ability of problem solving, do research and projects related to social sciences teaching. Moreover, the importance of the social sciences education is highlighted, technological improvements are closely followed and scientific studies are carried out at the Department of Social Sciences Teaching.

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Department of Social Sciences

Vision and Mission
The mission of the Department of Social Sciences Teaching, opened within the scope of the Ataturk Faculty of Education of NEU, is to teach the importance of Social Sciences throughout the education system, aiming to contribute to developments of society in terms of social sciences by following the latest implementations and improvements on educating teachers.

The vision and mission of the Department of Social Sciences Teaching is to provide a basis for education and training on social sciences and to follow the latest and contemporary developments in the field of Social Sciences and to make a contribution to Educational Sciences with the help of Social Sciences.