Department of Science Teaching

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  • The courses of this department are conducted in Turkish.

Message of the Vice Chairman
The main purpose of the Department of Science Teaching, which is a department of Ataturk Faculty of Education, is to train well-educated and highly qualified teachers for secondary schools. The Department of Science Teaching aims to train students to become candid science teachers who possess all required basic knowledge and skills related to physics, chemistry, biological sciences, as well as possessing sense of responsibility and problem solving ability. The Department also aims students to be fully competent teachers on theories in the relevant fields, become aware of the notion and facts, become creative, serve as individuals fully-equipped in their field, and, last but not least, become innovative, active and productive individuals.

A majority of the departmental courses are mainly based on the field of science and teaching skills. Students graduated from the department of Science Teaching are able to work at secondary schools of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and in primary schools in the Republic of Turkey.

Wishing all students a year full of success, with warmest regards…

Department of Science Teaching

The Department of Science Teaching was established within the scope of NEU Ataturk Faculty of Education in 2011 and training in the same academic year. The undergraduate program of the Department of Science Teaching offers field-related courses (chemistry, biology), vocational courses (introduction to pedagogy, teaching practice) and elective courses. Competent and highly qualified academic staff of the Department of Science Teaching elaborates science teacher candidates with the knowledge and skills on sharing the innovative methods, techniques and theories with others interested in these scientific fields. Applied courses are carried out at the laboratories. The department aims to follow the latest improvements on teaching issues and adopt the importance of giving science education. The department enables and encourages students to actively improve themselves in academic environment by organizing activities related to science education during the academic year.

One of the main purposes of the Department of Science Teaching is to promote teacher candidates to gain the basic knowledge, skills and values on science studies that all science teachers must possess. Besides, the department aims to educate competent and intellectual Science teachers and contribute to science studies in the relevant field