Department of Pre-School Teaching

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Aims and Objectives
The department aims to train students to become highly qualified teachers for the pre-school education sector. The department, considering the importance and critical role of pre-school education period, aims to provide its students with both theoretical and practical background on pre-school teaching. Students are expected to be keen explorers and active participants in the studies. The department organizes several conferences, seminars, workshops, and publish articles etc. to make students gain a deep insight in this field. br>
Another aim of the department is contributing to the field of pre-school education by offering the most comprehensive training in this field and affiliate the department as one of the most reputed ones like Maria Montossori and Emilia, which are world-famous institutions. The department also aims to be one of the most significant and regarded reference centres of the world in its field.

Departmental Facilities
There are two computer labs, one with 20 computers and the other with 30 computers and students can carry out their studies in these labs. Computer assisted learning facilities have been promoted in the department. Students can conduct their internship studies at state and private schools relevant to their subjects.

Employment Opportunities
The graduates of this department can find employment opportunities at the Ministry of Education, Social Services and Child Caring Institution, pre-school departments of private and state schools, or can conduct graduate or postgraduate studies and take part at the academic sections of universities. Provided that necessary conditions are set forth, they can take part in inspection and evaluation of educational institutions at pre-school level.

The mission of the department is training individuals to become devoted educators to national and international values of education; highly qualified and skilful in their specialist subject, and to have ability to be able to think critically and analytical, as well as having ability to establish strong and coherent relations with people.

Also, the department promotes carrying out scientific research in the field and offering training programs to institutions in accordance with their needs, and if necessary arrange research facilities with these institutions. The department conducts its facilities in developing academic and cultural values for the society in strict accordance with the universally acclaimed values.

The vision of the department is becoming a leading institution where qualified teachers are trained, extensive research facilities relevant to field and self-development facilities are carried out on continuous bases, analytical and scientific solutions are suggested for problems regarding teaching issues and teachers.

Department of Pre-School Teaching