Department of Mathematics Teaching for Secondary Schools

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Department of Mathematics Teaching for Secondary Schools was established as a department of Atatürk Faculty of Education Ataturk in 2009, in accordance with the decision of the Ministry of Education and Culture, and Accreditation and Inspection Council of Higher Education (YODAK).
Aims and Objectives
The major aim of the department, with the attempts of dedicated teachers who are devoted to advancement of the university and department,  is training mathematics teachers who are capable of thinking creatively, ready to meet the contemporary needs of the society in 21st. century. The medium of instruction of the department is Turkish with the duration of five years. Besides lessons related to the field of mathematics, there are professional teaching knowledge lessons and field lessons with a number of teaching practices. Also, it is aimed to prepare all the students to have jobs as mathematics teachers. The students are offered a challenging and contemporary teaching environment where they can improve their qualifications, skills and abilities to be able to cope with demanding nature of mathematics and contribute to the academic studies and research in this field. It is also aimed to equip teachers so that they incorporate basic theoretical background and essential knowledge necessary to conduct their studies with utmost success.
Mission and Vision

Mission and vision of the department are as follows:

Training mathematics teachers who

  • have well-developed social responsibility
  • can incorporate democratic values and integrate them with educational ethics
  • are keen on exploring, researching
  • are productive and skilful analysts
  • have leadership qualifications
  • are dedicated to develop learning and teaching skills
  • are able to develop self-learning skills
  • are keen on sharing information
  • have well-developed abilities on observation, questioning, critical and analytical thinking
  • can train students to use all sort of technological opportunities successfully in their field.

Departmental Facilities
The department owns two computer labs, one with 20 computers and the other with 30 computers. Students have the opportunity to carry out their studies in both theoretical and practical terms under the leadership of qualified teaching team.
Job Opportunities

  • Teaching mathematics at the state secondary schools
  • Working for the Ministry of Education
  • Teaching mathematics at private schools
  • Working for private teaching centers
  • Working forr universities
  • Working for centres interested in distant learning