Department of History Teaching

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The Message of the Head of the Department
Dear Students,

Department of History Teaching was established under the Atatürk Education Faculty with the approval of the Board of Higher Education (Resolution EÖB.00000030101-3182) in 2006. The aim of the Department is to raise history teachers for secondary education. There are 2 professors, 1 associate professor, 4 assistant professors, 2 doctors and 5 lecturers who are on duty at the department. The degree program is in 5 academic year length. The co-operation is made with educational sciences for the courses relating with the educational sciences. The postgraduate program is being carried out under the Institute of Educational Sciences of the Near East University.

As well as the compulsory modules, there are elective courses aimed at the students’ interests. The class which is being used by the history teaching students is a technically equipped class. Therefore the usage of the visual and digital equipments is available for the students. Besides these, there are computer laboratories which all the students have a personal computer inside. There is also a lecture hall for conferences, presentations, meetings and documentary film indications for the history teaching department students.

The history teaching degree introduces historiography concepts and research methods to the students and it also aims to raise students who are able to figure out the modern historical world that will lead them to make empathy with the modern history. The department uses the beneficial of structure of the intertwined history of the TRNC and thus it gives the opportunity to its students to make observations at the historical places. In order to raise confident and well-informed students, the department also provides the opportunity to carry out internship studies for the students at the National Archives and Research Administration of the TRNC. It is being provided to access lots of domestic and foreign sources through the Grand Library of the NEU. Another purpose of the department is to raise well-informed teachers who have the self awareness with the culture of national history.

The national and international symposium, conferences, seminars and presentations are being held regularly each year at the department. The instructors attend to the panels that are being held not only in Cyprus but also in international countries for the understanding of the importance of the subjects such as national day and special Bairam celebrations. In principle, the department aims to provide the best education for its students therefore less amount of students with higher marks are accepted to the department.

Our students will be able to work as teachers in public and private schools and can be employed as research assistants at universites or as archivists.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal ÖZKUL
Head of Department

Department of History Teaching started to accept applications according to the law of 3182 put into force by Higher Education Council on 22 September 2006.

Aims and Objectives
The department introduces the concepts and methods of history and historians to students and offer students an educational environment within which they can gain a deep insight and knowledge on historical issues related to historical background of the world. The undergraduate program mainly focuses on the historical aspects of politics, culture, social life, and economics of Eastern Mediterranean and other parts of the world. Historical developments of the world are analysed, synthesized, studied and compared in various aspects and relations between history and various disciplines are investigated in detail. The department aims to contribute to discipline of history by carrying out various academic studies in order to highlight historical facts as well as training history teachers so that they are to have deep knowledge and insight about the methods and principles of science of history.

The principles of department is based on the saying of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the Republic of Turkey while giving training to students; “Writing history is as important as making history. If those who write history do not stand loyal to history makers the unchanging fact turns into a form that surprises mankind.”

Strengths of Department
Strengths of department are listed as follows:

  • Well-qualified academic staff
  • Postgraduate programs
  • All courses of the department are given by subject specialists
  • High number of staff for per student
  • Fast and effective decision making and application process
  • Extensive sources for departmental studies
  • Grand Library from where students can reach to sources online
  • Over 10 thousand books related to departmental studies at Grand Library
  • Opportunity to reach online sources through EBSCO Information Center

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department can find employment opportunities at private and state schools, General Directorate of Archives, libraries, State Statistics Institute, military institutions, departments of archives of commercial and educational institutions, and at universities.