Department of Geography Teaching

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Aims and Objectives
The Department of Geography Teaching aims to train students to become geography teachers who are considerate and devoted to scientific principles of their field, can analyse and evaluate in analytical terms; who are productive, active in developing insight in their field, open-minded in issues relevant to their subject; who have  extensive knowledge on geographical issues, and can establish sound relationship between environment and society.

Amongst the objectives of the department, the major aim is training teachers and subject specialists for the state and private schools of the TRNC and Turkey, and training staff who can be recruited in state sectors and at the institutions where CBS (Geographic Information System) is in use.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department are trained comprehensively so that they can find employment opportunities at the following sectors and institutions as geography teachers and subject specialist staff;

  • state and private schools,
  • Mineral Research and Exploration Institute
  • State Water Institute,
  • Department of Rural Services,
  • Department of Forestry,
  • State Institute of Statistics,
  • State Planning Institute,
  • Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Environment,
  • Organizations concerned with regional planning, environmental studies and planning, and geographical planning,
  • Local administrative institutions such as municipalities where regional affairs are conducted in relation with geographical issues.