Department of English Language Teaching

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Teaching Period: 4 years

Mission and Vision
The principal aspiration of the Department of English Language Teaching (DELT) is training teachers and researchers who are well equipped with universal values, pluralist, analytical and critical in their opinions, self-motivated to investigate and question the matters. The vision of the DELT is to become a department which gives equal importance to teaching and research, be preferred for its specifications and qualifications acknowledged internationally, and stand out as a leading education and research institution in the fields of Linguistics and English Language Teaching (ELT).

As the Department of ELT, we aim to educate future teachers who strive to construct viable knowledge and put it into effective use, are qualified and skilful in applying the contemporary teaching methods and techniques and are competent in English language teaching and on the relevant issues of linguistics

Our specific objectives include;

  1. training well qualified teachers of English who are ready to integrate in the education system and face its requirements and,
  2. inspiring and leading students towards scientific research in the areas of Linguistics and ELT.

In this respect, our programme consists of 58 courses in total, 57% of which are fundamental departmental courses, 33% are departmental courses and 10% are electives.

Department of English Language Teaching