Department of Classroom Teaching

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Head of Department of Classroom Teacher: Dr. Tahir TAVUKÇU

The Department of Classroom Teaching was established in June 2006 and started training in September 2006.

Aims and Objectives
The aim of this department is training students to become teachers for elementary schools. The period of training students between 7-11 years of age is considered to be very critical for developing cognitive, receptive and psychomotor skills of students. Thus, teachers graduating from this department are expected to be well-qualified and well-trained about students’ cognitive, receptive and psychomotor skills, establish communication with students, explore the abilities and skills of students and guide students during their developmental process in terms of education and social relations.

Departmental Facilities
The department is allocated two lecture halls at the Grand Library of NEU and two classes at the complex of Ataturk Faculty of Education to carry out theoretical courses. Apart from this, a fully equipped computer lab is at the service of students of this department. Audio-visual materials are frequently used in the department to make students familiar with the benefits and effectiveness of such equipment. A rich CD archive including academic sources for elementary school teaching has already been formed and is in use of students in departmental studies.

Employment Opportunities
Graduates of this department are employed at the state or private schools giving education at elementary level. Also, they can carry out academic studies in their field and take part in academic staff.

The mission of the department is training individuals to become educators devoted to national and international values of education; highly qualified and skillful in their specialist subject, and to have ability to be able to think critically and analytical, as well as having ability and skills to establish strong and coherent relations with people, especially with children.

Also, the department promotes carrying out scientific research in the field of elementary school teaching and offering training programs to institutions in accordance with their needs, and if necessary, arrange research facilities with these institutions. The department conducts its facilities in developing academic and cultural values for the society in strict accordance with the universally acclaimed values.

The vision of the department is becoming a leading institution where qualified classroom teachers are trained: extensive research facilities relevant to field and self-development facilities are carried out on continuous bases: analytical and scientific solutions are suggested for problems regarding teaching issues and teachers.

Department of Classroom Teaching