Specialist Ayşegül AKÇAM

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I was born in Nicosia, depending on 08.12.1980 Ortaköy. Esref Bitlis Primary School education in the first Paşaköy’de, the new suburb in the mid-high school education completed Erenkoy High School. Near East University in 1999, won the Turkish Language and Literature Department and in 2003 graduated from the same parts. Educational Sciences in 2004, and Record Keeping Training section of the Ottoman Peleografyası I started graduate school. In 2006 I graduated from the same parts. Since 2006, Ataturk Faculty of Education, Computer Education and Instructional Technology, Early Childhood Education, History Education, Primary Education, Department of Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics Teacher Education courses as well as parts of the written and oral expression, scientific research techniques, reading and writing instruction with the teaching practice lessons I gave. He is married and a mother of two children.