Prof. Dr. Allaberen ASHYRALYEV

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Dr. Ashyralyev was born in Konekesir/Turkmenistan in 1955. He completed his a high school education in 1972 in Konekesir with a gold medal for excellence at Secondary School Level.

He graduated from the Turkmen State University in 1977. He was awarded with the Lenin’s Grant for Students during his education (1974-1977).

He earned his PhD from the Voronezh State University in 1983, and his Doctorate of Sciences from the same University and the Institute of Mathematics of the Ukraine Academy of Sciences in 1992. Ashyralyev had been awarded the First Rank Prize for PhD students upon his graduation in 1983.

Dr. Ashyralyev was a visiting scholar at the Voronezh State University, Russia, in 1979, 1985, 1991 and University of California, Santa Barbara, USA, in 1987-1988.

Dr. Ashyralyev continued his career at the Turkmen State University from 1977 to 1999 as an instructor, assistant professor (1985), associate professor (1989), and professor (1995), respectively. In 1996 Ashyralyev had been awarded the title Master Teacher of Turkmenistan by Ministry of Education, Turkmenistan.

Since 1999 to June 30, 2016, Prof. Ashyralyev has been a staff member of the Department of Mathematics and Elementary Mathematics Education, FU, Turkey and visiting professor at the ITTU, Turkmenistan. Since 2015 Prof. Ashyralyev has been a visiting Professor, Institute of Mathematics and Mathematical Modeling, Almaty, Kazakhstan and since 01.04.2017 visiting professor at the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia(RUDN), Russia. Since 20.09.2016 Prof. Ashyralyev has been a staff member of the Department of Mathematics, Near East University in Cyprus. Since the Spring of 2018, he has been the Head of Department of Mathematics Education at the Atatürk Education Faculty.

The research interests of A. Ashyralyev are broad and include different problems of numerical functional analysis, well-posedness of differential and difference problems, construction and investigation of high order of accuracy difference schemes for partial differential equations, uniform difference schemes and asymptotic formulas for singular perturbation problems for partial differential equations, study of positivity of differential and difference operators and structure of fractional spaces generated by positive differential and difference operators in Banach spaces, investigation of difference schemes for stochastic partial differential equations, study of identification problems, fractional calculus, and mathematical modeling.

He is the author of more than 360 scientific papers in international journals and conference proceedings (218 of them are in Web of Science Core Collection journal publications) and he is the author of 12 books including two monographs published by Birkhauser-Verlag, on Operator Theory: Advances and Applications.He has been guest editor of 6 volumes of special issues of international ISI journals and coeditor of 5 volume of AIP Conference Proceedings. He has successfully supervised 23 PhD students and 28 MS and 30 BS students.

Dr. Ashyralyev’s contribution to science and technology within Turkmenistan and Turkey has been tremendous, and could be gauged from his active participation in a number of national research and academic organizations. Furthermore, his contribution in science and technology at the international level is equally remarkable, and is evident from his current joint research with scientists in different countries including USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Poland, Spain, Brazil, Hungary, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Nigeria, Libya, Bulgaria, Algeria, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Prof. Ashyralyev was selected as Thomson-Reuters Science Leader in the World Science Researchers from the Central Asian Region in 2015 and he was elected as a Fellow of the Islamic Academy of Sciences in 2012. In 2017 hе was awarded with diploma for a significant contribution to the development of mathematical science by the Turkic World Mathematical Society` (TWMS). Due to academic activities in 2017, by the Rectorate of Near East University was awarded the Publication Honor Award.