Dr. Pervin YİĞİT

Dr. Pervin YİĞİT was born on June 11, 1983 in Nicosia, Cyprus. After graduating from Turk Maarif College, she moved to Ankara for her undergraduate studies in 1999. She received her BA in Philosophy Department at Middle East Technical University in 2004 and her B.S in Sociology Department as a double major student in 2005. Following that, she continued her postgraduate studies in the philosophy department at the same university. She examined “The question of freedom in political philosophies of Thomas Hobbes and Jean- Jacques Rousseau” under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Halil TURAN and received her Master’s degree in 2007. She moved to UK to pursue her Ph.D in Sussex University in 2008. She worked with Prof. Richard WHATMORE in the area of “Intellectual History” and completed her PhD in 2013. In her PhD thesis, she examined “The political thought of John Brown: Religion, Reform and International Relations”. In the same year, she returned to Cyprus and started teaching “Political Philosophy” and “Political Psychology” in the Department of Political Science in Near East University as a part time lecturer. In the following year, she became part of Atatürk Faculty of Education in Near East University as a full time lecturer. Her research interests include ethics, political philosophy and social contract theories. She has been teaching a variety of courses at the department of Philosophy and History. Besides, she is publishing articles in a weekly journal as a member of its editorial board and she is conducting a project called “The transformation of social values and codes in Post-Annan period”.