Dr.Hanife BENSEN

Hanife Bensen was born in London, England on the eleventh of July 1979. In her first years of primary education she went to a school called Handsfield Primary School in Edmonton, North London. When her family moved to Freezy Water, another area in North London, she completed her primary education at Albany Primary School. She continued her secondary education at Albany Secondary School where she was given the opportunity to go to France due to her good grades in French. When her family emigrated to North Cyprus Hanife Bensen completed her secondary and high school education at Bayraktar Türk Maarif College and Türk Maarif College in North Cyprus. After graduating, she continued her education by studying a year of Law at Eastern Mediterranean University in Famagusta, N. Cyprus but then decided to study English Language Teaching at the Near East University in Nicosia where her family was living. During her years at University she achieved high grades in her studies and graduated with honours. She fulfilled her teaching internship at the Bayraktar Türk Maarif college.

While Hanife Bensen was studying at university, she worked at the ‘Tots and Juniors’ kinder garden as an English Language teacher, giving one to one English lessons to young learners. In the year 2002, Hanife Bensen was given the opportunity to go to America with the support of The Fullbright commission to talk on behalf of the Turks and the Cyprus conflict. During her six week period stay in America, she worked at the AED (Academy of Educational Development) in Washington D.C.

Hanife Bensen’s first teaching experience was at Cyprus International University in Haspolat, North Cyprus in the year 2003. During her first two years at this university, she taught at the Preparatory School and was soon given further responsibility. She coordinated teachers and monitored the newer teachers to enhance their teaching.

In 2005, Hanife Bensen was given a scholarship from the Near East University to study her Master’s degree. She finalized her Master’s degree with an honourable diploma in 2007. Her thesis topic was ‘The effectiveness of the Process Genre Approach in the teaching of writing’.

Hanife started working for the Near East University in 2005 as a Preparatory School instructor. In the years spent teaching at the Preparatory School, she had also taught English to students in various departments. In the year 2013 Hanife Bensen started lecturing at the English Language teaching department where she also lectures students of the English language and Literature, and Translation and Interpretation departments as well.

In 2008, she started her Doctorate degree at Near East University and is in the process of finalizing her thesis. Hanife Bensen has attended and presented in many conferences and seminars and has written and published articles regarding her field of interest.