Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer YARAŞIR

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He was born in Birecik in Sanliurfa on 10.01.1960. He graduated primary and secondary school education in their Birecik.

He graduated high school at Marshall Fevzi Cakmak Teacher’s School in Gumushane. Between 1977-1981, he completed his undergraduate studies in Turkish Language and Literature Department of Istanbul University Faculty of Arts.

In parallel, also studied the Turkish Language and Literature Department of Istanbul Capa High School Teacher.
Between 1982-1991, he served as a teacher of Turkish Language and Literature at high schools and Anatolian high school of National Education Ministry.

He began his graduate study at the Institute of Social Sciences of Trakya University in 1987. Following this, he completed his doctoral education and he had the title of doctor in 1997.

He worked Trakya University Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Conservatory of Trakya University as a faculty member.
In 1997-1998, the establishment of the TRNC International American University Turkish Language and Literature department by taking part in his capacity as a head of the department, worked as an assistant professor.

Since 1998-1999 he has worked at the University of the Near East. In the beginning, he has worked as a faculty member in the Department of Turkish Language and Literature and then he served as a vice president of department.

After the establishment of Ataturk Faculty of Education, he worked in the Department of Turkish Teaching. Currently he is a faculty member and chairman of the department of the Turkish Teaching Department. At the same time he has married and has three children.

He has taught undergraduate and graduate lessons. There is also directed at the undergraduate and graduate theses. There are common published two books and are papers which are presented at scientific meetings he has projects that are currently running.