Academic Staff

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TitleName - SurnamePositionDepartmentE-mailTel
Prof. Dr. Hüseyin UZUNBOYLU
  • Dean
  • Head of Department
Educational Sciences [email protected] 5393
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat TEZER
  • Vice Dean
  • Head of Department
Secondary Social, Science and Mathematics Education [email protected] 5397
Assist. Prof. Dr. Behcet ÖZNACAR Vice Dean [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal ÖZKUL
  • Head of Department
  • Director of Ataturk Research Center
History Education (School Teaching) [email protected] 5516
Prof. Dr. Fahriye ALTINAY AKSAL
  • Distance Education Center Board Member
  • Deputy of Department of Remote Training
  • Director of Institute of Education Sciences
[email protected] 5515
Prof. Dr. Gönül AKÇAMETE Lecturer [email protected] 5516
Prof. Dr. Habib DERZİNEVESİ Head of Department People’s Science Education
Ottoman Paleography and Archival Studies
[email protected] 5110
Prof. Dr. Haluk SORAN Lecturer [email protected] 5516
Prof. Dr. İlhan Akhun Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Leyla KÜÇÜKAHMET Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Mehmet ÇAĞLAR Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Memduh ÖZDEMİR Lecturer [email protected] 5110
Prof. Dr. Sibel ÇOBAN Lecturer Music Education [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Süleyman Çetin ÖZOĞLU Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Yasemin Akman KARABEYOĞLU Lecturer [email protected]
Prof. Dr. Zafer GENÇAYDIN [email protected] 5110
Prof. Dr. Zehra Altınay GAZİ Vice Director of Educational Sciences Institute [email protected] 5515
Prof. Cevanşir GULİYEV Lecturer Music Education [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet GÜNEYLİ Head of Department Turkish Education / Turkish Teaching (Education) [email protected] 5391
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Aşkın KİRAZ Head of Department Science Teacher (Education) [email protected] 5379
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Çiğdem HÜRSEN Head of Department Educational Measurement and Evaluatio
Social Studies Teacher (Education)
[email protected] 5111
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Fezile ÖZDAMLI Head of Department Computer Education and Instructional Technology Teacher [email protected] 5111
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gökmen DAĞLI Head of Department Educational Administration and Supervision [email protected] 5515
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat ALLAHVERDİYEV Lecturer [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Şerife GÜNDÜZ Head of Department Environmental Education [email protected] 5391
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Slobodan Ilić Lecturer [email protected]
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Assoc. Prof. Mustafa KURT Head of Department Foreign Language Education
English Language Teaching
[email protected] 5260
Assist. Prof. Dr. Sezer KANBUL Lecturer [email protected] 5110
Assist. Prof. Dr. Çise ÇAVUŞOĞLU Lecturer [email protected] 5334
Assist. Prof. Dr. Deniz ÖZCAN Head of Department Gifted Education [email protected] 5516
Assist. Prof. Dr. Doina POPESCU Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ejdan SADRAZAM Lecturer [email protected] 5261
Assist. Prof. Dr. Emete YAĞCI Lecturer Educational Administration Supervision, Economy and Planning [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Emine KIVANÇ ÖZTUĞ Deputy Chairman Creative Drama in Education [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Engin BAYSEN Head of Department Secondary Social, Science and Mathematics Education
Elementary Mathematics Teaching (Education)
[email protected] 5419
Assist. Prof. Dr. Erkan SÜLÜN Lecturer Music Education [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ertem NALBANTOĞLU Head of Department Fine Arts Education
Music Teacher (Education)
[email protected] 5168
Assist. Prof. Dr. Fatma BAYSEN Head of Department Physics Education [email protected] 5379
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hanife BENSEN Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Hasan SAMANI Lecturer [email protected] 5111
Assist. Prof. Dr. Könül MEMMEDOVA Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mukaddes DEMİROK Head of Department Mentally Disabled Teacher (Education) [email protected] 5110
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa ÖZDEMİR Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa YENİASIR Lecturer [email protected] 5110
Assist. Prof. Dr. Nurdan ATAMTÜRK Lecturer [email protected] 5261
Assist. Prof. Dr. Ömer YARAŞIR Lecturer [email protected] 5112
Assist. Prof. Dr. Şeniz ŞENSOY Head of Department Geography Teaching (Education) [email protected] 5392
Assist. Prof. Dr. Serap ÖZBAŞ Lecturer [email protected]
Assist. Prof. Dr. Umut AKÇIL Lecturer Educational Administration, Supervision, Economics and Planning [email protected] 5391
Assist. Prof. Dr. Yağmur ÇERKEZ Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Ayhan ÇAKICI EŞ Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Dr. Ezgi ULU Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Dr. Fatma TUNCAY Lecturer [email protected] 5261
Dr. Fehmi OKTAY Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Gözde LATİFOĞLU Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Gülen UYGARER Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Pervin YİĞİT Lecturer [email protected]
Dr. Vasfi TUĞUN Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Dr. Tahir TAVUKÇU Headof Department Classroom Teacher [email protected]
Lecturer Adil SÖNMEZ Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Ahmet ZEYİN Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Ayşe KARAOĞLAN Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Ayşe Şeyma BOZKURT Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Ayşegül AKÇAM Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Lecturer Ayten KORUROĞLU Lecturer [email protected] 5111
Lecturer Bengi ALTINER Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Cansu Meryem BİRİNCİ Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Çelen DİMLİLER Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Lecturer Cemal ÖZYİĞİT Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Doğuş ERTAÇ Lecturer [email protected] 5111
Lecturer Emine İYİKALP Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Eral AKARTÜRK Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Lecturer Ersan SÖZGÜVEN Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Eser ÇEKER Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Eşmen TATLICALI Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Fatma GÜNHANLAR Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Fatma MİRALAY Lecturer [email protected] 5112
Lecturer Funda GEZER Deputy Chairman Philosophy Group Teaching (Education) [email protected] 5112
Lecturer Gizem ÖNERİ UZUN Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Lecturer Gözdem İLKAY Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Gülşen HÜSSEİN Lecturer [email protected] 5110
Lecturer Gülsüm AŞIKSOY Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Gürhan NURHAN Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Güven SİLMAN Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Hasibe AKSAÇ Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer İpek DANJU Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Meryem BEŞGÜL Lecturer [email protected] 5391
Lecturer Mustafa ÖZAK Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Nazım KAŞOT Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Şebnem GÜLDAL KAN Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Seçil BESİM Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Seda ÇAKMAK Lecturer [email protected] 5112
Lecturer Selma BARDAKÇIOĞLU KORKMAZ Lecturer [email protected] 5112
Lecturer Şengül BAŞARI Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Serkan ÇANKAYA Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Tara YEKTAOĞLU Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Tülay KAYA Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Ulviye SOYSEV Lecturer [email protected]
Lecturer Ünal DEDE Music Education [email protected]
Lecturer Vedia KIRCIOĞLU Lecturer
Lecturer Yaşar MAAŞOĞLU Lecturer
Lecturer Zeynep GENÇ Lecturer
Specialist Atakan SARI Music Education
Specialist Çise ÖZMELTEM Music Education
Specialist Emine HÜRSEN Music Education
Specialist Engül ATAMERT Music Education
Specialist İlyas ABDOULLİNE Activities Coordinator of the Arts Music Education 5110
Specialist İrade MELİKOVA Music Education
Specialist Mehmet SAKARYA Music Education
Specialist Mustafa ELMAS Lecturer Music Education
Specialist Sinem SADRAZAM Music Education
Specialist Yulia STARASTSENKOVA Music Education
Research. Assist. Research Assist. Cansu Candan TEZDİĞ Research Assistant 5378
Research. Assist. Research Assist. Pelin GÜR Research Assistant 5378
Research. Assist. Cansu Şimşek Research Assistant
Research. Assist. Erkan BAL Research Assistant 5378
Research. Assist. Gözde Biçer Research Assistant
Research. Assist. Gözde HASTÜRK Research Assistant
Research. Assist. Semih ÇALIŞKAN Research Assistant 5378


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