Why Us?

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Why School of Tourism and Hotel Management?

  •  Because it provides education at an international standard with its experienced staff who are equipped with contemporary and up to date knowledge and skills,
  •  Because it is part of the Near East University – a university which is aware of its social responsibilities, gives importance to consistent development and always pioneers the field of education.
  •  Because it is privileged for having extensive application fields and organizations of NEU which are; a hotel, a travel agency, a Guest House, restaurants and a training ship.
  •  Because its curriculum is structured around the needs of the tourism sector, and is implemented along with the scientific studies carried out by the highly experienced and qualified academic staff of the School of Tourism and Hotel Management.
  •  Because it comprises an academic staff who are dynamic, creative, open to new developments and have a broad vision.
  •  Because it assures recruitment, within the bounds of possibility, in NEU-comprised tourism businesses and also in other tourism businesses since the School has established good relations with the relevant sector.
  •  Because it trains students who meet the needs and demands of the tourism sector and are equipped with qualified and up to date knowledge.
  •  Because English, which is an indispensible part of tourism related education, is the language of instruction of School of Tourism and Hotel Management.
  • Because besides English-which is the language of instruction- we provide our students with the opportunity to learn Russian, German, Italian, French and Arabic languages. We provide these opportunities because we are aware of the importance of languages; languages are important in communication with tourists and learning languages enables our students to take part actively and work productively within the tourism sector.
  • Because we collaborate with international organizations and establishments.
  •  Because we provide our students with an environment of multi-cultured education and discipline.