Was born on 1 January 1968 in Limasol, Cyprus. Graduated from Güzelyurt Kurtuluş Lycee’s Science department. After graduating from Hacettepe University’s Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences department in 1990 she started her career as the head of department at Asbank Ltd ‘s head office ( 1990-93). Later in 1993 she worked as a customer representative for Akdeniz Garanti Bankası Ltd at the administrative coordination department for one year. From 1994 to 1997 she worked for Kıbrıs Hür Bank Ltd at the head office as a manager of credits and statistics, concluding her banking career.

Güldem Kıvanç joined Near East University as the private assistant and the director of education foundation.

She is currently employed as a lecturer at the Near East University’s Tourism and Hotel Management department.