NEU Mosque

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Project Name: Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Camii
Purpose: Worship
Construction Type: Concrete and steel construction
Gross Area: 4800 m² of closed area, 2100 m² of open garden
Material: Exterior: Plaster and Covering with Tremes stones
Interior; Plaster
Launch Date: In 54 months.

Project work was started in the beginning of the 2012. Prof. Dr. Beşir Atalay, the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Mehmet Görmez, the president of religious affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Dr. Sibel Siber the president of the assembly of TRNC and many government officials attended to the magnificent groundbreaking ceremony at the date of 27 September 2013. The mosque of the Near East University is the biggest worship place of all time with its modern design and characteristic features in the world.

The construction was designed by the university architectures and engineers inspired by the Ottoman Architecture, but also reflecting the philosophy of the Near East.

The Mosque of the Near East University which is a huge construction will be located in a dominant place of the university with a 4800 m² closed area and 2100 m² yard in a 30 one-tenth of a hectare where it can be seen from far away distance even overseas.

It will be the biggest mosque of the Cyprus which 10000 people can worship at the same time.

It will have the statue of ‘Place of worship with the highest minarets in Cyprus’ with the four minarets with 72 meters height with three balconies and two minarets with 54 meters height with two balconies, in total of six minarets.

The mosque of the Near East University will have the 27 meter diameter and 27 meter height of dome which this enables to be the most magnificent mosque in Cyprus. 33 little domes will support the main dome.

21 domes and water-tank with a fountain which would create the yard will reflect the Ottoman Architecture.

The exterior surfaces will be covered by the experts with white stones which are distinctive to our country and all glass surfaces will be equipped with stained glass which will reflect the history of the sacred memoir.

Motifs will be illustrated inside the inner surface of the all domes by the unique work of the staff and the students of the Faculty of Fine Arts.

The mosque will cost 27 million dollars and the launch date is estimated as 54 months.

Our team which is considered as the grandchildren of Mimar Sinan have added some sacred mysteries to the project. Number ‘9’ is special to our university. The most of the celebration days are on the 9th. Number ‘9’ is very similar to the letter ‘vav’ in Arabic therefore all of the aspects were designed based on number 9 or the multiples of 9 because it has a special meaning in Islamic religion and mathematics.