Apartment – style Luxury Dorms

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Building Name: Apartment style Luxury Dorms
Purpose: Accommodation for Academic Staff
Construction Type: Reinforced concrete frame
Number of Floors: Ground floor+ 3 floors
Gross Area: 901 m²
Material: Exterior; Plaster and paint. Interior; Plaster/Gypsum and paint, Floor covering: granite, ceramic
Launch Date: The construction is still in progress.


The Apartment style Luxury Dorms Project which is located at the northern part of the Campus was designed for the accommodation of the Academic staff. The construction is still in progress and consists of 4 blocks. The design is made in the way of having 4 floors in total and in each floor there are 4 flats.There are 1 saloon +kitchen, 1 bedroom and 1 WC+ shower in each of the flats. In each of the blocks there is one stairwell tower in order to reach the roof terrace. Each flat will have the symmetric are of 56 m². Each area of the floor will be 225 m² and the total area of the construction will be 901 m².

The building was designed for the use of a single person in luxury. An infrastructure was designed including internet, central heating, satellite and hot water for each of the flats in order to provide a comfortable and peaceful life for the staff.

Static Technical Information
Construction type was chosen as reinforced concrete at the Project of Apartment style Luxury Dorms. It was designed as a ground floor + 3floors.Unique and permanent foundation system was used in the foundation of the building as a result of the structure, geometry and ground reports.

Accordance with the standards, samples have been taken in order to control the quality of the concrete during the pouring of concrete.

Today’s technology was used in order to make sure that the coordinates of the geometry of the structure and elements to be perfect. Sensitive devices such as digital and manual Teodolit, Nivo and Total Station that are able to give coordination, direction, orbit and code have been used.Plate and ribbed floor are used as a system structure. The structures have the statue of ‘Buildings in frames which are fully seismic loads’

Dynamic analyses have been made in all of the analyses.

Specifications that have been used, Standards and References
National and International specifications, standards and references that have been used in the design of the reinforced concrete system are as below:
• TS498; Calculation of Loads for the sizing of structural elements
• Regulations about Constructions in the Disaster Areas(2007)
• TS500; Design and Construction of Concrete StructuresWithin the framework of relevant references, some important information used in reinforced concrete system designs is as follows:
• Earthquake Zone: Second Degree → Ground Reports File
• Coefficient Ground Acceleration Elasticity (Coefficient of Elasticity): 0.3 → DBYBHY(2007) Table 2.2
• Building importance coefficient factor: 1.0 → DBYBHY(2007) Table 2.3
• Elasticity Level of Structure: High → DBYBHY(2007) 2.5.4
• Local Soil Class: Z2 → Ground Reporting File
• The purpose of the Building and its Type: Accommodation → DBYBHY(2007) Table 7.7
• Structural Behavior Factor(R): 8.00→ DBYBHY(2007) Table 2.5
• Active Load Participation Factor: 0.3 → DBYBHY(2007) Table 2.7
• Ground Spectrum Characteristic Periods: Ta=0.15 Tb=0.40→DBYBHY(2007) Table 2.7
• Beding Coefficient: 3000 ton/m3 → Ground Report File
• Ground Safety Stress: 25 ton/m2 → Ground Report File

It was preferred to use the C25 type of concrete class and S420 (BC I I I a) of steel class as a result of the analyses and design which was used in the constriction.