“Code Name: VENUS” in Press

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07 Nisan 2012 -«Κωδικός Αφροδίτη»: τ/κυπριακή ταινία στις Κάννες; – Parathyro (PDF)

07 Nisan 2012 -«Κωδικός Αφροδίτη»: τ/κυπριακή ταινία στις Κάννες; – Parathyro

20 Mart 2012 -Code Name Venus – Cinando

16 March 2012 -Ετοιμάζεται για τις Κάννες η ταινία Kod Adi Venus – Parathyro

19 December 2011, “Code Name Venus coming soon” Haber Resim.

17 November 2011, “The film, Code Name: Venus was completed” Kıbrıs Gazetesi.

31 October 2011, “A New Insight is Necessary”Kıbrıs Gazetesi.

12 October 2011, “A Film that will make overwhelming impression” Kıbrıs Gazetesi.

29 September 2011, “First scenes from the film called Code Name: Venus”,Kıbrıs Gazetesi.

9 August 2011, “Code Name: Venus”, Star Kıbrıs Gazetesi.

5 August 2011, “Code Name: Venus”,Milliyet Sanat.

4 August 2011, “Production facilities of the film called Code Name: Venus, of which the writer, producer and director is Tamer Garip, was introduced to public, production facilities will start in September” Bugün Gazetesi.

4 August 2011, “The film of which producer is Tamer Garip has been introduced in TRNC”, Haberdar.

4 August 2011, “The film Code Name: Venus was introduced to public”, Haber KKTC Gazetesi.

4 August 2011, “The introduction of Code Name: Venus, a feature-length film, was facilitated last night”, Kıbrıs Postası.

4 August 2011, “The Film, Code Name: Venus was publicized”, Haber Türk Medya.

3 August 2011, “The Film called Code Name: Venus is to be introduced today”, Haber KKTC.

30 April 2011, “A delirious film for Cyprus, Code Name: Venus”, Ajan Sport.